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Cel Tours SA, Greece

CEL TOURS SA was established in 1982. Its founders, people with long and well respected backround from the accounting and shipping industry merged their powers in order to come out with a travel service provider offering continuous and innovative choices to the Greek outbound & inbound tourist market. Their accomplishments since then indicate that this prototypal business combination came to revolutionize Greek Travel Industry.

The milestone year was 1986 when the first holiday packages to Thailand were launched. After that, the next five years came to be the most productive in Cel Tours history. The establishment of Marwin Tours Thailand in Bangkok as well as CEL TOURS THAILAND in Phuket island and Cel Tours in Bali, the two awards given by the Thai Prime Ministers and the thousands of tourists travelling with Cel Tours travel bags around Asia were inevitable facts of Cel Tours successful campaign.

Impressive names and numbers have been listed inside its customer lists throughout this entire thirty two years of operation.

CEL Tours SA is not only the leading Greek Tour Operator in Asia but has also managed to bring the first Thai groups to Greece and linked Asia with Europe.

In addition to the CEL Tours rewards as wholesaler, individual rewards were given to Senior Management as well. Mary Souli Kafkios, the Managing Director has been awarded twice as Ambassador of Tourism by both Tourism Organisations of China and India and as the business woman for the year 2002 by the popular greek magazine Epsilon.

Since 1992 Cel Tours has been trafficking more than 12.000 Greek and foreign tourists per yea,r exceeding in that way the annual turn over of GRD (11.738.811 euro) a year.

From 1992 till now CEL TOURS SA is a leading inbound and outbound Tour Operator with own offices in Thailand, China, India, and key player in inbound and outbound industry of Greece.

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