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HoBosys Automated Hotel & Travel Technology

HoBoSys is a futuristic and automated technology for the hospitality industry. It is a software to transform website into an e-commerce platform which makes selling rooms and services more dynamic. The technology helps assign responsibility by creating sellers or managers at partner hotels. This makes distribution democratic and participative while centralising controls of reservations and revenue generation. This format builds brand equity and maintains an online presence. Hotel companies can use HoBoSys as a sales and management tool as well as an internal operations software.


  • Save time and increase productivity
  • Showcase Variety, Packages, Itineraries and Services
  • Different pricing options for individuals, families and groups
  • Calendar to manage/show availability and pricing during normal, peak or lean seasons
  • Direct contact between buyer and seller (Hotel Manager)
  • Social Media Interaction
  • Communication Tool for sales and operations
  • Option to install fully automated payment gateway or use offline payment forms
  • Communication tool for guests


  • Responsive website, iOS and Android mobile applications
  • Over 3000 test cases
  • Tested for local and international secured payments and error proof confirmations
  • Instantly Curate, Create and Share unique offers and experiences for individual or group buyers
  • Fully integrated with Facebook and WhatsApp
  • Multifold % increase in website hits, social media interaction
  • Most transparent technology with no hidden fees or charges – invoices are viewed by all users
  • Quick Access – database and MIS


  • Hosting: Amazon Web Service
  • Payment Gateway: HDFC Bank / Offline Payment (or as preferred)


  • Technology and Marketing Support: 32
  • E-Marketing and Sales Team: Support from HoBoSys to the Hotel Team


  • Data upload and Installation Fee – USD 1500 per hotel
  • AMC – USD 180 per room per year (which is USD 15 per room per month, paid annually in advance)
  • Hosting Charges as per consumption at actuals
  • Any other charges will be at actuals


Social Media Marketing For individual hotels: Costed at actual spend plus 10% management fee.