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Western Desert

Here is one of our sample program and 8 days safari which covers the Oasis of Siwa and Bahariya.

Day 1: Cairo Flight to Cairo. On arrival transfer to your hotel of choice.

Day 2: Alexandria the Great - Wadi Natrun - Alamein
An early departure to Alexandria. A brief stop at the fascinating monasteries of Wadi Natrun. The architecture here is simple and dramatic. We will visit one of the monasteries contained within its own walls. Pope Shenouda of the Coptic Church has his official seat here. We continue to Alexandria and visit the sites of Pompeya Pillar and the Roman Theatre - both of great interest. Then we take a fish lunch down by the harbor and a chance to soak up the atmosphere of this most unusual of Egyptian cities. Drive to Alamein for our overnight stop.

Day 3: The Long Road to Siwa
An early visit to the War Graves at El Alamein before we set off for Siwa. Now we begin our journey along the Mediterranean coast before we head off into the barren desert approaches of Wadi Istabl. We arrive in Siwa in time for a late lunch and go straight to our hotel. We start our exploration of Siwa, the fabled Oasis visit Gebel Mawta, the mountain of the dead, with many interesting tombs of the Greek-Roman period. We watch the sun go down over the salt lake on the Fatness Island before we return to the hotel.

Day 4: The Oracle of Amun
This morning we will visit the Temple of Amun where the ancients came to visit the famous oracle. You can still see many interesting side and windows around the central temple site, which is within a ruined village, giving the whole site the most wonderful atmosphere. We will look at high quality hieroglyphics and caving at the temple of Umm Beyid and see the 'Pool of Cleopatra'. We then drive to eastern Siwa, rarely visited, to see the fascinating remains of a Roman Town and an abandoned Libyan village with a Ptlemaic temple in among the ruins. We will take lunch at Ain Sharouf, a charming natural spring, and a pool where we can take a well-earned dip. Then we journey into the Western Desert and the little known and extremely beautiful Oasis of Bahrain where we will camp for the night. The low hills nearby contain a Roman Cemetery.

Day 5: The Great Western Desert
Today we travel across the expanse of the Great Western Desert. We pass by the Qattara Depression and will at times be some 50 feet below sea level. We will also pass by some of the many wonderful and ever changing sand dunes. This is the very area where the army of Cabyses disappeared under the sands. On arrival into the small Oasis of Bahariya we will make straight for our hotel and The Health Club. Time to take advantage of the hot springs or a massage. Later we will take a tour of the Old Town, unchanged for many generations and with its own unique Bawiti architecture.

Day 6: Bahariya
The Oasis of Bahariya is full of monuments. We have put together a tour including all the best and most interesting sites of the Oasis, and these are of great quality. First we visit the little museum in Bawiti with some fascinating local finds. Then we will enter the marvelous tomb of Benantui from the 26th. dynasty. Next to the Amasis chapels which are being preserved in an unusually sympathetic style. After a visit to the Temple of Alexander, we head south to the rarely visited site of El Hayyez with a very early church and Roman fortress. Leaving the Oasis, past the mysterious crystal mountain, we will set camp in hauntingly lovely White Desert.

Day 7: Return to the Giza Plateau
A full morning drive through the desert takes us back to Giza. This route passes some of the most magnificent sand dunes. Return to the hotel for a well earned-rest and a long shower.

Day 8: Cairo to your home
An early departure takes us through the Cairo streets to the airport for our return flight.